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Hello there viewers :D

I'm still new to DeviantART and I'm still getting used to all its functions, plus I never know what to really write in these things so this is my first one, I guess its updates and thoughts I have or something or other but here goes.

For the readers on Fan and for some of my stuff here on DeviantART, I know I haven't updated any of my stories for a while but I've had work commitments and Uni stuff that has been getting in the way of most of my creative time, and unfortunatly they have to come first. I especially appoligise to all readers of my Mask crossover fan fictions who are all waiting paitently for the updates to my stories, I haven't stopped writing them but as I've said I've been falling behind on updating all of my stories not just the Mask ones.

For viewers of my Mario and Luigi the Mask sprite series on Youtube most of the animation work is done on Episode 3 but I just don't think it'll be ready for its annual monthly release at the begining of March, there are a few story points and animation issues I want to clean up first, plus update the fan fiction its based upon.

For anyone who hasn't seen it and wants to take a look, please by my guest :D

Episode 1…
Episode 2…

You can also read the fan fiction it's based upon here…

Also for any viewers of my Doctor Who stuff who happen also to be game fans of Mario and Sonic, I would like your opinions on the idea I had to use my spoof Doctor Who character Doctor Wii to make spoof posters of certain Doctor Who episodes. I've already done one for the Deadly Assassin how would you all feel if I made more?

As you can probably tell I've been colouring in some of my art recently, a friend of mine sold me his copy of Paintshop pro and using a combination of that and Macrosoft Flash 8 I've been slowly colouring in my art. I'm still a little ignorent of some of its capabilites but I'm slowly learning the tool.

Also I guess since I'm a story writer and a little bit of a drawing artists I'm thinking of making a fan comic strip, but what of I'm not sure yet. What do you think?


-TimeLordParadox (R.S.P.)
Elvisfonz22 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
Cool man
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February 22, 2012


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