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February 20, 2013
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Luigi/Mask (The Green Thunder) by TimeLordParadox Luigi/Mask (The Green Thunder) by TimeLordParadox
The Bio for Luigi/Mask A.K.A. The Green Thunder as written by Green Thunder himself.

Name: Green Thunder

Other names: Luigi Mario

Age: Now you shouldn’t be asking a guy like me questions like that

Sex: Yes please! So long as you have the right equipment, are cute, sexy, not interested in long term relationships and you take coins then I’m yours for the night baby! But on the condition that it doesn’t end in a court case where I have to pay child support, understand!

Eye Colour: As brown as Chocolate, sometimes as red as the firing pits of hell! But otherwise, chocolate brown.

Hair colour: Dark green, kind of spiky and untidy on the ends.

Siblings: Does a fat, selfish, self absorbed, glory hogging, little-big brother count? Really? Okay, Mario Mario

Friendships: I don’t need no friends, I am “Mr. AWESOME!”

Skin colour and texture: Caucasian on the body, Green and rubbery on the head. In the trouser department... actually let’s not go there shall we. Unless you’re a girl, in which case meet me out back in five minutes!

Magic powers: Does the ‘power to do whatever I want’ count? Oh, you want details. Transformation, reality warping, shape shifting, I can conjure objects from nothing, super speed –eat your heart out Sonic- enhanced human abilities –yes I can jump way higher then Mario now- super intelligence but I don’t want to brag, size shifting –I don’t need magic Mushrooms to do that- invulnerability. Oh and the ability to do 160 pelvic thrusts a second *Wink, wink*... what do you mean that doesn’t count as a power?

Weaknesses: Weaknesses? I haven’t got any weaknesses, I’m indestructible! Okay I’m a little sensitive to light... Okay I hate daylight, happy? At least it isn’t as lame as not being able to swim. Tell you what, do you want to know what Mario’s weakness is? It’s his number one problem, it’s his weight problem, yep, his weight problem is his weakness he can’t WAIT for lunch! ROTFLMAO!

Apparel: A long, dark blue frock coat, a dark purple waist coat, a collarless shirt with black tie. Dark blue trousers and a pair of dancing spats, plus grey gloves and a stylish Fedora with a feather in the rim. Ladies, please hold yourselves back, there’s plenty of me to go around.

Hobbies: Making the Wario’s bleed, giving people wedgies, revenge, causing general trouble and chaos for everyone around me, you know, the normal stuff in life.... what?

Phrases: I am number one! Okay it’s not as catchy as Sssssmokinnnn’!!! but I’m still working on it.

Bio: Green Thunder as he calls himself was born of Luigi Mario, the sidekick plumber to Mario Mario, and the Mask of Loki, a mystical, magic artefact which unleashes the inner desires of whoever wears it.

After years of living in Mario’s shadow Luigi is tired of being second best, tired of being the joke, but everyone sees him as the coward and a cluts, gullible and useless, no matter what he does to help the Mushroom Kingdom he always came off second best to Mario even when Luigi did most of the work. Luigi is almost on the brink of just breaking down and wishes long and hard that he was somebody else, and his wish came true when a cruel prank by the Wario brothers landed him in the sewers of the Mushroom Kindom. There he finds the Mask of Loki and later that night in his depression he puts it on, then everything changed. For one brief night Luigi is gone and Green Thunder is born.

The first night in the Mask was one of just chaos and revenge, first by beating up a bunch of Koopa Bullies who just causally insulted him and in the process he also accidentally saved two Toads who were wandering the streets late and night. Then the Mask takes over and Green Thunder goes to pay the Wario’s a visit and causes them so much distress and damage that they end up in the hospital with very bad injuries.

Upon waking, Luigi thinks its just a dream, but after viewing a news report about his antics last night he rushes to try the Mask on again, but it does not work. Convinced it was just a coincidence that he dreamed the same stuff Luigi helps Toadrick –a Toad he saved from Koopa Bullies the other night- carry a bag of coins to an orphanage, however upon arriving the little Toads began teasing Luigi, Luigi is used to this behaviour however so he doesn’t get angry. But his blood starts to boil when one little Toad tries to stand up for Luigi and gets beaten down and bullied by the others. Fuming Luigi shouts abuse at the toads, this causes him to get kicked out of the orphanage for rude behaviour. Luigi is aware this behaviour was unlike him and returns home to investigate the Mask further. He puts it on again and this time it works.

Luigi realises that the Mask only works at night and heads off on a quest to Bowsers’ castle to find extra coins for the orphanage. After humiliating Bowser, his kids and his generals, Green Thunder runs off with a lot of coins, and gives them to the orphanage. He nearly leaves the little toads to their sleep until he decides that they must be punished for the way they behaved. He raced back in and scared them half to death before running off again laughing his head off.

It was now that Luigi dubbed his new identity, Green Thunder, a name he’d always wanted to use if he ever became a solo superhero and with the powers of the Mask he could do just that. However he decides to hide his new powers and identity from Mario to protect his brother, because if the connection between Luigi and Green Thunder was ever realised Mario might become the target of bigger badder things then just Bowser. But that’s just the lie he tells himself, the real reason is that he fears Mario wouldn’t understand and would want to take this power away from him.

Every night Luigi dons the Mask and becomes Green Thunder, however he decided he doesn’t work weekends if he can help it as the long nights means he doesn’t sleep well and his duties at the castle are starting to suffer.

As time went on Luigi began wearing the Mask more and more to solve his problems, either to get revenge or try to sort out a problem of his own which often ends in catastrophic results for the people around him.

He is characterised both by his odd appearance and has a trademark in his hysterical laugh which bellows from his throat whenever he’s amused in a psychotic way. Though he is generally just interested in causing trouble for people he doesn’t like, if you push him too far he slips into total insanity and doesn’t know when to stop or when a joke has gone far enough. This is usually illustrated by when his usually dark eyes become glowing red.

Green Thunder is a character driven by instinct and desire, and with magic powers to grant any desire he so wishes. He has few morals and no social inhibitors and he is purely driven by his ID, only interested in his base desires of eat, drink, sleep, sex, survive and to eliminate all threats, meaning ‘anything’ that threatens his existence.

In short, Green Thunder is a hero you really wouldn’t want to call for help in any situation.

Episodes of Mario and Luigi: The Mask he appears in

Chapter 1…
Chapter 2…
Chapter 3 part 1…
Chapter 3 part 2…
Chapter 4 part 1…
Chapter 4 part 2…
Chapter 5 part 1…
Chapter 5 part 2…
Chapter 6 part 1…
Chapter 6 part 2…
Chapter 11 (Coming soon)

Mario and Luigi (c) Nintendo

The Mask (c) Darkhorse comics

The Green Thunder (Luigi/Mask) (c) TimeLordParadox
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PuccadomiNyo Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Student Filmographer
I Love That Green Thunder's Pose! x3
Let's Do It A Short Story.
Domi : Hi , Green Thunder.
TimeLordParadox Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Green Thunder turns around his mouth full having stuffed a burger in it. "mhess! vat is it?" He swallows it with a big glup before repeating "Yeah, what is it toots?"
PuccadomiNyo Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Student Filmographer
Domi (me) : Fine , i was walking alone to kiss You!
i'm looking for You to a hug :3
TimeLordParadox Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Without warning Green Thunder has his arms around the girl, he tilted her back as he held her, his eyes wide and alert and the feather in his cap stood tall. Every bit the loony, cartoonish creature he is. He grinned showing his enormous bright, white teeth in a smile which when combined with his large eyes was slightly creepy but communicated he had a manic energy beyond that of a normal person.

"Hey now, I never refuse a request from a pretty girl!"

(BTW, is this the girl you often portray with Green Thunder?)
PuccadomiNyo Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student Filmographer
Domi (Me) : Please , Thunder! I'm An Fan Of Yours!
I'm A Pretty Angel. <3
Trust Me!
TimeLordParadox Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thunder's eye brow raised with a half confused expression. "So, what does that change?"

"Say, the night is still young! Why don't we go down town and I teach you to dance?!" Thunder suddenly flung his right arm out with and extended his thumb, in the next instant a Taxi cab suddenly screeched to a halt in front of them. Thunder pointed in no particular direction and shouted. "TAXI! THE COPACABANA!"

Suddenly the Taxi took off leaving the pair in a cloud of dusty smoke.

"HEY, WAIT FOR US YOU IDIOT. He's 'sooooo' not getting a tip!" Thunder produced a fishing rod from his back pocket and his clothes had transformed into those of a country fisherman. He flung the pole back and the hook pulled away from the reel slightly before he flung the rod forwards and the hook was catapulted away into the distance until it clanged on the Taxi's rear bumper.

Thunder started pulling on the reel "Gotcha!" but then Thunder was pulled off his feet and dragged across the floor as the momentum of the car was too much. He was dragged a few meters before he dug his feet in and came to a stop. He began reeling in his catch "Whoa! This ones got some fight in him!" Thunder said in the accent of a country fisherman. Soon the Taxi was back, its back end lifted up off the floor by the fishing pole that was stuck into the ground, the Taxi's rear wheels spinning wildly but they were not transferring this power into forward momentum.

Thunder opened one of the rear cab doors, smiled charmingly while still in his dusty fishermen outfit and said "Your carriage awaits, me-lady" in the unconvincing accent of a British butler.
PuccadomiNyo Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Student Filmographer
Domi (me) : oh , yeah. You're handsome,Thanks! :heart: And Nice Fisherman Costume But Change Into Tuxedo.
Come On Let's Dance. <3
*I walking with the green thunder and dance with him with the song "sunday moring" sang by maroon 5*…
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